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Episode #137: Jupiter Compressed

Simply because I won’t let myself take a break, we’re back with a new episode! Chris was off somewhere participating in the jet setting lifestyle of a photographer, so you guys are stuck listening to us three nerds talk about GUNBUSTER for half an hour, immediately after a debate about if there’s tragically unexplored parts … Continue reading

Episode #125: Poppin’ Claws

I’m still kind of amazed by it myself, but somehow, someway, I managed to watch two movies in the same weekend! Where do I find the time? Well I don’t, but don’t let anyone waiting for a non-episode post on the site hear that. So: The Wolverine(again)! Despicable Me 2! Maybe another movie that someone … Continue reading

Episode #123: I’ve Had An Interesting Life

Because you (I) demanded it: show superpal Graymattersplat joins us for an insane extravaganza that is totally not just me disguising a therapy session over why I didn’t love Pacific Rim! Get ready for hours of entertainment as we delve into more topics than a roundtable can… do something with. I wouldn’t really know as … Continue reading

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Episode #136: Over/Under: Reborn

I hope you guys are ready for a thoroughly thorough Over/Under because the four of us are tackling all the filmed adaptations of Stephen King’s works this week! It’s pretty self-explanatory, but I will say we’re limiting it to things commercially released. What have we all seen? What do we love (Creepshow)? What were we … Continue reading

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Episode #135: Narfed

Don’t look now, but the first of two new episodes this week is here! Of course you’re not looking, you’d be listening. At least I hope you would. Anyway, this week we catch up on Jason Aaaron’s Thor: God of Thunder, round out the first arc on the new Nova series, and take our first … Continue reading

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Episode #132: Rumour(s) Has It

A very special episode of Planned Banter brings you our brazen attempt at a three way interview, specifically with the creative team of the Monkeybrain Comics series Subatomic Party Girls! Join us as Jas and I sit down with artist Erica Henderson and writers Chad Bowers and Chris Sims as they give us some insight into … Continue reading

Episode #131: Birthday Memories

Twitter cohort David joins us live for the first time ever to discuss everything ranging from the worst movie of the summer to just how incredibly nice the Star Wars Black figures are! I don’t want to say too much, but you can’t miss this incredible moment in the show’s history! Get ready for an … Continue reading

Episode #130: Bumpin’ and Krumpin’

Matt joins us again as we go in for an actual fan requested edition of Trailer Trash! You may think that I’ve been doing nothing but watching trailers while we were on break, but you’d be wrong since I don’t really get paid for it quite the way I used to. Anyway, there’s a new Bookbusters as well: … Continue reading

Episode #129: Ancient secrets revealed!

Sure we talked about the infamous “Dino drug hunter” take on Jurassic Park IV but what about other abandoned projects? Well, we’ve got you covered as Jas helps us lift the lid on some long-in-storage Godzilla  films that were never made! Thrill to the director of Night of the Creeps writing a version directed by the man behind Friday the 13th … Continue reading

Episode #128: Skeletor on a Nightstand

Isn’t that just a beauty? While I dream of completely outrageous expenditures to decorate my humble living spaces with, there’s a whole show (some of it involving that gorgeous work above) to listen to! Our friend Matt joins us IN PERSON while on shore leave because we forced persuaded him to do as much! Watch him help … Continue reading

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