Episode 61: Skeletor and Mumm-Ra’s All Goon Henchalympics

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It’s time for another top 10 list as hastily cobbled together by us before recording! That’s right it’s Top 10 villains of cartoons from the 1980’s in ascending order of competency! Thrill with us as we rank who exactly was the best at actually accomplishing anything during their many attempts to bedevil their respective heroes! Will Cobra Commander prove that a bad reputation with your co-workers means nothing when you have enough money to build any kind of lethal machine ever? Does Dr. Claw fail because he doesn’t know Penny’s even around? What about Skeletor? He started out pretty lethal and could even disguise himself as a chef! Listen and be engrossed as we try to explain to Marshall what exactly the joke is in between his roommates harassing him! It’s private time for the man! YOU NEED TO RESPECT HIS SPACE!

Plus: Michael’s reaction to Fright Night! Thrill at a reasonable reaction that doesn’t just ask “what’s the appeal?”! Me taking a waking nap during Magic talk! Stuff about Road Rules or something! Lantern Corpsner! More explaining the joke! A little bit about the new Thundercats cartoon and more!




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3 Responses to “Episode 61: Skeletor and Mumm-Ra’s All Goon Henchalympics”
  1. Engineernerd says:

    Where was Venger from Advanced Dungeons & Dragons on this list?

    • Mike mentioned him but he didn’t make the cut; I don’t think Chris had heard of him and I’m pretty fuzzy on some of his more evil/successful accomplishments. Plus didn’t they redeem him? That was part of Skeletor’s downfall on the list…

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