Monday News: Honesty matters


You know what I like? Alliterative adjectives applied to first names. Like “Homeless” Harry Strickland from A Dance with Dragons. Anyway, here’s some news

– Apparently Mars needs Moms didn’t completely kill Robert Zemeckis’ career as he’s already casting his next film. Flight is going to star Denzel Washington and seems to be a darker take on the events of US Airways Flight 1549 crossed with the old Dustin Hoffman film Hero. This seems like… a weird project. I have no clue what made Zemeckis pick this but it sounds somewhat interesting despite the implied desire to disenchant Chesley Sullenberger’s landing Flight 1549 in the Hudson River. Maybe I’m off on that as no one else seems to be mentioning it. [Source: Deadline]

– Wondering if you really missed out by not buying that SDCC Swamp Thing figure? Put your mind to rest with this post-hype review from those honest soldiers of reviewing integrity over at Infinite Hollywood! The green guy is still not the style of figure I want to encourage but I can appreciate how well he turned out appearance wise. Also, the already expensive month of August left no space for half-ways and “maybe” so I have no regrets. BUT WILL YOU? [Source: Infinite Hollywood]

– While you guys are waiting to thrill to my reactions on what DC New 52 books I bought last week, you can check out what the Comics Alliance gang thought of several of the titles here. While I don’t agree 100% with their assessment of everything, the phrase “vacant Kirby porn” being applied to OMAC is sheer genius with it even being applied to a positive review. [Source: Comics Alliance]

– Speaking of the new 52, it’s already become a resounding success for DC sales-wise. It looks like with the sales of Justice League they may take the top spot in the market share from Marvel and sales for comics this year have drastically increased as a result. It won’t last but it’s always interesting to see. Just over half of the new launch books are going back into print and I’m sure more will follow as extra printings are always easy press. I’m surprised in some instances as I never expected OMAC to sell out nor for Demon Knights to be a hit even before it’s released. Of course, a lot of this is anticipation so we’ll see if anything is filling $1 bins a year from now. [Source: Bleeding Cool]

One last fun fact before I go: did you guys realize that Sailor Moon is a somewhat forgotten and unloved property wanted only by a few fly-by-night hipsters? That’s why it’s #2 on Amazon’s top 50 Graphic Novels as of this particular date. Just a thought. Because no one cares about it or anything. That’s all.

Alright, time for me to get back to my Immortal Iron Fist omnibus because comics aren’t just something I claim to read because I think it’s hip right now! Authenticity AHOY!

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