Episode #63: Wizzards of the Boast

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Time to get your luggage and travel out to Unseen University for an all-Discworld edition of Bookbusters! Thrill at Mike’s reading/re-reading of the most popular book franchise in Britain that doesn’t… involve… wizards. Well that isn’t Harry Potter anyway. Or a licensed series like Red Dwarf or Doctor Who. I haven’t fact-checked those others but I’m covering my bases here. Anyway, get excited as Mike struggles to complete one thought while we interrupt him every 5 seconds! Plus: I fight choosing between actually talking about the books and my chance to be goofy host-man! Lantern Corpsner! The eternal struggle of picking between domestic and import versions of books! All of that and more as we indulge you with a second delightful episode in one week!

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2 Responses to “Episode #63: Wizzards of the Boast”
  1. I used to always see those old school vans with wizards and shit on them… I never see them anymore. Did they all get repainted or something?

  2. Jason Lynch says:

    We wondered the same. My assumption is since heavy metal is dead and nu-metal reigns, this has been a victim in the battle. Very sad. Though, when we buy our tour van this year, I’m wanting a mural now that Richard suggested it.

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