Monday News: Retell it with a camcorder

Paranormal Activity 3 opened to something like $55 million this weekend so I hope everyone’s ready for the next wave of unambitious low-grade found footage movies. YAY! With that looming shadow of crap festering in the back of our consciousnesses, we should all read some news so we don’t have to think about how many terrible low-grade haunted house movies are going to be developed/upjumped to major release status.

– Hasbro fully reveals the first 5 figures in the GI Joe Collector’s Club, I’m still annoyed by outrageous price range for the line

We’d already seen Quarrel, the Nano B.A.T and Topspin but Dice and Grunt have been revealed as well as a few more details on what’s coming when. While the new B.A.T. variation looks neat, he’s probably going to end up joining the Jungle version as something it’s difficult to get multiples of which sort of weakens a lot of Cobra figures they could do. Quarrel and Dice are the winners for me though I appreciate the pure craziness of bringing in the Ninja Force characters with Dice. I hope they do a Ninja Force Storm Shadow as he was basically the only redesign that wasn’t really awful (I’m looking at you NF Scarlett). Grunt’s kind of there but apparently he’s a tribute to some early version of the figure that also included a glider. Neat stuff but 2012 is already shaping up to be an obscene year toy-wise especially with the return of Marvel Legends. [Source: Raving Toy Maniac and GI Joe Collectors Club]

January Collected Editions for Marvel are announced, contain new Amazing Spider-Man omnibus that will frustratingly require me getting the direct market version

I’ve always been hot/cold on Humberto Ramos, though lately his stuff has been a vast improvement on where he was in Spectacular Spider-Man V. 2, but these Direct Market and Retail variants are getting out of hand. The original Amazing Spider-Man omnibus is the only one I have with the DM cover and I would have liked to keep it that way across the line until I encountered how cost prohibitive it would be. Still, this and the Silver Age Thor omnibus must be the DM versions to satisfy my aesthetic obsession. The Amazing Spider-Man Omnibus Vol. 2 will contain Amazing Spider-Man #39-67, Annuals #3-5, Spectacular Spider-Man magazine #’s 1-2 and some random bits from 3 issues of Not Brand Echh. The inclusion of Spectacular magazine is neat but it makes me wonder about the absense of Marvel Superheroes #14 which was one of Spidey’s first stories outside of his main book. Either way, the Ramos cover is just NOT going to happen for me though at least he didn’t use that redesign from a few years ago that was made into one hugely pegwarming figure.

Warner pulling Harry Potter films out of circulation after the end of year, likely pissing off minor actors getting residuals

I can’t say this is a dumb tactic as it’ll give the films a huge sale spike, as well as probably pushing the complete movie set that I’m sure they’re working on, but I don’t know how relevant it is when they’ll still be accessible through VOD services and the like. I’m sure ABC Family’s annoyed though as the first three seem to make up half their programming these days. Anyway, rush off to get them before the end of the year if you care because we all know what happened with the original TRON this time last year. [Source: Deadline]

I’m going to blatantly ignore all the news about the live-action Akira they’re starting to cast, because there’s no way that’s going to turn out well.

It’s a short post this week but today was crowded and there’s only so much I can do from my phone. Hope everything turned out readable!

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    The dog is so adorable!

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