Monday News: Your move, creep

Can there be some sort of ban on naming cats in pop culture “Schrödinger”? We get it, you’re clever guys; seriously, that was clever for like 12 seconds back in 1970. Stop it. For real this time. It led to that truly awful joke in the Minority Report/Tron riff in that one Futurama episode and trust me, that’s a show that doesn’t need any more weak jokes than it already has. Anyway, it’s time for all the news that’s fit for me to focus on instead of real problems!

List of every single change ever made to the Star Wars trilogy reminds you how you’ve probably never seen the “original” versions

I’m terrible at actually watching movies that I buy so I haven’t gotten to put in any of the discs from the recent Star Wars blu-ray release, leaving me out from experiencing the blinking Ewoks or the new “NOOOOOOOOOOOO!” in ROTJ; however, this extensive list of every single change made to all the individual films over the years is a surprising reminder of how long George and company have fooled around with them since the beginning. I remember reading about some of the ones made in AOTC when it was in digital but most of these are new to me, especially since so many are minor sound or dialogue elements. [Source: The Geek Twins]

Top Cat being released in the UK; can US release be far behind?

I know you guys are all loyal listeners and whatnot, so you’ve been right with us at the start when we first discussed the utter strangeness of a big budge Top Cat feature being made as Mexican/Argentinian co-production. As strange as it is, the movie was hugely successful in its country of origin where they apparently just adore Top Cat. I get José Carioca being popular in South America; he’s literally from Rio de Janeiro, making him one of the first Disney characters with a known birthplace. Anyway, Don Gato is coming to UK cinemas as Top Cat  next August. I can only hope we get our own release as it’d be too surreal for a Hanna Barbara cartoon to pop up in the public eye outside of an Adult Swim gag. [Source: Bleeding Cool]

– Mewtwo available to Pokémon Black and White players starting February 12th, stark reminder I need to get in gear with my own copy

I really fell off the rails with Pokémon Black after it came out last March. About a month in I got distracted by a fast-moving object and let my game languish after only finish (maybe) the first two gyms. As a result, I hope I’m near where I can download Mewtwo despite having the ones from my previous save games. This is also a hint that I need to figure out how to use the dream world because I’ll be damned if I’m letting all my EV trained Pokémon from previous games languish in the past generation. Not that thinking about the long, boring, long, slow, and long process of transferring all of them from one game to the next had anything to do with derailing my momentum in the current release. I prefer to think it was more related to wondering when Pokémon Grey is coming out. Anyway, beloved misunderstood Pokémon anti-hero Mewtwo is appearing for download to your copies of Black and White on February 12th featuring a move he can’t normally learn. Man I love it when they do that; it completely doesn’t tweak my obsessive compulsive tendencies at all. In Japan, he came with Electro Ball so it’s likely we’ll see a repeat of that here when we all check into Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection on the 12th.  [Source: Siliconera]

– Newton Gimmick has been busy buying all the toys I struggle to justify purchasing myself

Expensive! That’s the first word that pops into my mind when I think of import toys, which is why I always try to strike that delicate balance of waiting for a review to see if an import figure is bad while hoping it doesn’t disappear from availability if it turns out otherwise. Well wait no longer because Newton Gimmick and cohort Wesitron have looks at two separate figures from import lines and you should admire their bravery for such expensive blind buys. Everybody loves Robocop and Newton sneaks a peek at the Figma variation at our favorite crotch-targeting, cybernetic dispenser of justice for your potential bankruptcy inducing pleasure. Meanwhile, Wesitron throws down with the S.H. Figuarts Barnaby Brooks Jr. of Tiger and Bunny. I’ve yet to see the series but I’m waiting patiently for a disc release despite its Hulu availability. I’ll probably crack and watch it just the same way I’ll crack my sanity deciding if I want to actually look at picking up some of the Figmas and Revoltechs this year! In the meantime, you guys shouldn’t let Infinite Hollywood’s sacrifice go in vain! I know I didn’t as he totally talked me into picking up Robocop over the Kotobukiya Megaman model kit as a friend’s birthday present to me this weekend at the convention I was at! Anyway, fly! Fly and find out if you should be looking at these yourselves or if you just like Figmas enough to buy me some! [Source: Infinite Hollywood]

– It’s All True finds Marvel Legends, does review, makes me worry about the amount of money I’m spending

Hasbro’s first wave of the freshly revived Marvel Legends are starting to show up and Vault over at It’s All True has a look at Hope Summers up already. I can say she looks a lot better than the vast majority of female figures we’ve received in the past despite seeming just a little taller than I was expecting. Hopefully, I’ll find out for myself soon as these defy recent trends in 6-inch scale Superhero figures and actually achieve distribution requiring eager customers not to jump through hoops. [Source:]

HOLY CRAP I didn’t realize I’d been using one foot to press the other into my desk’s wooden baseboard the entire I was working on the news and SWEET MARCY KANE does it hurt now. I’m going to go cry about it in the corner and hope that the blood returns to my toes sometime soon. Until then, remember: never do a Google image search for Mewtwo unless you want to encourage your own nightmares.

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