Monday News: Journey into Pettiness


Well, we’ve been getting a ton more hits on the blog lately so thanks everyone! Unfortunately, half those hits are looking for pictures of Johnny Frusciante’s guitar, something I’m not just mentioning as a clever way of saying Johnny Frusciante in the hopes of obtaining more hits.

This was really one of the best issues of any book I read last year

– Find out why Kieron Gillen thinks Loki will be drawn as young and good looking from now on

I haven’t had time to write much about it, despite planning to, but I’m a huge fan of Kieron Gillen’s Loki solo book Journey into Mystery. It could be consistently the best book being published at Marvel right now and is easily the best thing spun out of the sadly uncompelling Fear Itself event from last year. Multiversity has this interview with Gillen about his intentions with the book as well as some interesting comments about the arc he’s aiming to create with Thor’s infamous stepbrother. It’s great stuff and even explains where the Dsir, characters in the book who I was basically clueless about and had to enact “The DC rule” for, came from. If you haven’t read the book yet and plan to, I wouldn’t go too in depth as there are some spoilers but if you need convincing as to well thought out this run was, go ahead and take a peek. [Source: Multiversity]

I know this is a terrible picture but it's one of the few on the whole internet of the corrected version. Not even Best Buy's website has a picture yet and it's a store exclusive of them

– The French Connection blu-ray was an object of artistic struggle that I wasn’t aware of

William Friedkin and Owen Roizman, his cinematographer on The French Connection, have finally reached an agreement about what the transfer of the film should look like on blu-ray. Honestly, I had no idea that there was any controversy, but also wasn’t aware that there was French Connection blu-ray in the first place, since advertising for catalog titles on blu-ray is basically non-existent. Brendan Connelly covers a little of the controversy and if you’re interested in picking up the new version, it’s part of Best Buy’s new exclusive ‘Filmmaker’s Signature Series’ from Fox that basically includes Wall Street and a whole bunch of Ed Burns movies everyone’s mostly forgotten about. [Source: Bleeding Cool]

– Japanese trailer for Pixar’s Brave does a much better job of selling the movie to me than the weird distaff between the American poster and trailer campaigns

The posters for Brave have had really beautiful and striking imagery, which is in pretty deep contrast to the loud sight gag marathon that the second trailer was. I’ve been paranoid about how this film’s going to turn out ever since Brenda Chapman, the original director, was taken off the project but this Japanese trailer does a much better job of selling the atmosphere promised by those domestic posters. The latest domestic ad premiered in front of John Carter this weekend and didn’t really do a whole to engage me, though the return of the mooning from underneath the old guy’s kilt got a big laugh. Anyway, this is way better because it actually makes the movie seem like it’ll have a character that isn’t terrifically static. [Source: Youtube]

Perhaps there will be a music video featuring Johnny Frusciante and his guitar

– Exhibit for music videos opens in Cincinnati, I am curious how anything that sounds this interesting could be near enough for me to go to

 I was curious to see that there’s apparently never been a museum exhibit relating to music videos before, which is made even more surprising how the first one ever is going on now at the Contemporary Arts Center in Cincinnati, Ohio. It’s a must see for me as Jas keeps telling me about all these music videos I never got to watch because I was lame. If you too don’t want to be lame, the exhibit runs through September 3 of this year and isn’t too expensive with adult admission being $7.50. Plus, on Monday nights, admissions FREE from 5 to 9PM. [Source: Cartoon Brew and the Contemporary Arts Center]


Get excited everyone because highly anticipated summer film Prometheus, from Ridley Scott, has a trailer for it’s next trailer! Starting on Saturday, you can watch the whole trailer on Yahoo after it premiers at Wondercon but for now you can search intensely for any sign of THE SPACE JOCKEY in these brief snippets which are not almost entirely made up of shots from the first trailer. I can only hope there’s another trailer after this so we can have a trailer for the trailer for the trailer! Fox’s marketing department sure is smart, especially since they’re calling the film “the most anticipated of the year”. Sorry guys, and I’m being entirely serious (Johnny Frusciante) here which is rare in the Prometheus updates, but The Dark Knight Rises is the most anticipated film of the year because Batman has the same effect on people’s ability to form real opinions that totalitarian dictatorships have on human rights. Anyway, I’m looking forward to this more but we all know I’m a freak if you’ve read more than one article on the site or listened to the show. I am glad that Fox realized they should probably advertise the movie since this is basically the one thing they have to really stand on this year. Really the most puzzling thing about this is that Wondercon continues to be a big deal but I guess they’re still riding high from when they mattered for the first time ever, last year when HBO came out to pimp Game of Thrones and the big comic movies had a bunch of promotion. [Source: Slash Film]

– Marvel at Newton Gimmick’s custom Hulk Hogan while being amazed at the stupidity of Mattel in not making this figure themselves

I don’t collect Wrestling toys but our pal Newton Gimmick sure does, and he’s got the customizing skills to prove it; in order to celebrate Wrestlemania 28, he’s created a custom figure of Hulk Hogan in the WWE Legends style. I can’t believe Mattel hasn’t done this figure (who’s going to beat up all my NECA Gremlins figures?) but when it comes to disappointment and frustration, nobody does it better than the home of Matty Mattel. Anyway, Newton’s got the recipe for how you can make this figure yourself and with so much WWE product on clearance to make room for the 2012 assortments, he’s probably cheaper to make than actually having any one figure shipped to you from Matty Collector! Hit up Infinite Hollywood and get on the Road to Wrestlemania, BROTHER! [Source: Infinite Hollywood]

– Read a rather reasonable defense of John Carter, one that addresses how obnoxious critics were in their knife-sharpening for the film’s ultimate fate

I talked about this on the episode we just recorded last night, but I think there was a huge degree of critical anticipation for John Carter. Unfortunately, I think that anticipation was negative as so many reviews regurgitate the same 2 or 3 comments without any sort of detail, attacking the film vaguely on a thematic and story level as opposed to anything really thoughtful. I’m not going to accuse the film of being the greatest work of art achieved by the human race, but critics are being very unfair with it, especially in relation to the many throwaway comments about Taylor Kitsch’s performance and how much the film cost. I know that the film had a massive budget but that’s not a valid reason to criticize the quality of the final product and most of the commentary I’ve read, outside of Twitter reactions, seems to revolve around the schadenfreude on behalf of critics at seeing a huge blockbuster fail to make money. There could be a certain element of them wanting to force Andrew Stanton away from “low” entertainment at work here as well but if the man has a huge ego, as many of these reviews and articles claim, it’s one that was created from his extraordinary critical and financial success at the hands of Finding Nemo and Wall-E, especially the latter with its reviews about how “Kubrick-esque” and “daring” it was. I really believe that the mostly indifferent audience tracking for this movie is giving a lot of dishonest critics the catharsis of being able to really attack a large budget film that isn’t “critic proof” the way that Avatar, the Transformers films and The Dark Knight were. There’s lots of other examples but when 2011, a really weak year for movies overall, has such an uneven amount of critical praise for very good but not incredible films I can’t help but think some are taking this as a chance to be destructive for the sake of destruction, intentionally trying to drive off any potential audiences with the loud cry of the film’s financial death knell.

Anyway, here’s an article by someone else who enjoyed the film. I don’t agree with every point he makes, but his approach to it is more honest than 97% of the journalism surrounding the film and he even examines a little bit of the theory behind the movie’s overly harsh criticism. [Source: Bleeding Cool]

Well, I think that’s it for this round now that I’ve had an extended rant in disguise as a news story. Then again, isn’t every week kind of the same way? I won’t tell if you won’t.

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