Monday News: New model of desperation

Well it looks like the early reviews of The Hunger Games being positive and the successful opening of 21 Jump Street are enough to get most of the intense critical hatred off the back of John Carter; it didn’t really hold well this weekend but at this point, I’m just glad the number of obnoxious articles from internet reviewers claiming it failed because of their subjective opinions presented as fact seem to have trailed off a little. But hey, whatever, journalistic integrity isn’t important when you can make up whatever you feel like.

Anyway, news.

– Read a review of Casa de mi Padre that explains why the author didn’t enjoy the material while not slamming it into the ground repeatedly and calling everyone who does enjoy it stupid by way of passive aggressive phrasing.

Having not seen the film, I can’t echo if I agree exactly with Germain Lussier’s assessment of Casa de mi Padre, but his review goes a long way in explaining why sometimes obnoxiously insincere movies really annoy me. I doubt any theater around here is going to get the film but it is a little relaxing to know that there’s someone out there besides me who can get worn down by the amount of stuff out there that doesn’t even try to be good from the moment it’s conceived. I blabbed about this a little on the show a while back but rather then telling you where, I’d rather you go on a recent episode treasure hunt, especially if you’re someone who just arrived on the site through Google Image Search. [Source: SlashFilm]


Prometheus, the most anticipated film of the summer that truly deserves having every single new development reported in the news every week on the website here , had a new trailer shown at Wondercon this weekend; BUT we talked about that on the recording last night. Instead, because I’m nothing if not economical, there’s a UK trailer that’s got a few neat things in it like new dialogue and totally different music. That and there’s fewer shots of THE SPACE JOCKEY so his appearance in the film is somewhat preserved. [Source: Bleeding Cool]

But wait, there’s more! There was an absolute blitz of Prometheus related material at Wondercon, and I compliment Fox for taking advantage of how Marvel and DC didn’t have big pushes for their movies like last year; this is the most I’ve seen people talking about the film and I have to wonder if there aren’t new people in the wheelhouse at Fox’s ad department.

Anyway, here’s another piece in the film’s viral campaign, letting us know that David, Michael Fassbender’s android character, is apparently a commercial model. [Source: Prometheus News via]

– First image from pilot for Arrow, the Green Arrow TV series, is released; seemingly gets buried in large number of other follow-up new from Wondercon

I don’t really know what to think of CW’s decision to go ahead and make a new TV show based on the Green Arrow character that’s separate from his pretty well-known appearances on Smallville as I never really watched much of the show; still, it’s probably a good thing they’re jetting the prior silly sounding take on Black Canary that was on there in favor of creating a new mythos not tied to the Superman stable of characters. Plus hey, Merlyn’s going to be part of it and that’s kind of cool. Anyway, I don’t have any issue with what’s above but I’m not a huge fan of the character either so other’s mileage may vary.  [Source: Comics Alliance]

Well OK, I admit that there isn’t really a lot of news this week. I guess we’re in something of a slight lull between the switch into new seasons of TV shows, movie news sites are mostly waiting for The Hunger Games to come out and make a bazillion dollars so they can tell you how they knew it was going to happen all along, the video game arena is still in a Mass Effect 3 related shut-down/ending freak-out and most of the toy world is still hunting for the first wave of Marvel Legends while the second wave starts to seep out. I tried, dammit and this pain in my ear drum isn’t helping.

So I’m just going to wrap up with a non sequitur comment so I can go get something else done today.

Someone at AMC’s advertising department needs to tell them that those ads comparing The Walking Dead to Mad Men might be the saddest, most forced things I’ve ever seen in my life. Surely there’s a better way to get some crossover business than breaking them down to vaguely similar thematic elements or showing weird reactions on the Mad Men cast’s faces when they’re walking around in clips and saying they’re “zombies”. Ugh they’re terrible.

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