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While watching The Hunger Games this weekend, I realized that summer is basically here already; it’s only about a month until The Avengers is released and after that is the ridiculousness of Dark Shadows. Anyway, some stuff actually happened this week, which is good because I was expecting ECCC to kind of suck the wind out of the room the way Wondercon did, with an able assist from all the recent TV premieres.

– See some of Ralph McQuarrie’s production art for the Masters of the Universe movie

We never really got to talk about Ralph McQuarrie’s recent death on the show, which is odd since just about every episode nets a mention of Star Wars somehow, but he did some design work on Gary Goddard’s Masters of the Universe which hasn’t been seen until now. It’s funny to think about how many people worked on the production art for that movie, as Moebius had some work done for it as well. Anyway, Gary Goddard’s production company, which he apparently runs when not being best friends with Bryan Singer, has a number of interesting  pieces including a presumably less makeup intensive take on Skeletor. [Source: The Goddard Group via]

– Hot Toys reveals Hawkeye as their next figure in The Avengers line

Though the bare arms make me paranoid they may be using one of the less posable base bodies, Hot Toys has announced that the next character for their Avengers line of 1/6th scale figures will be Hawkeye. I admit to being surprised by this, as I thought Black Widow would be a natural choice since they could just touch up the release for Iron Man 2 with a new head, but I’m not complaining. It’s interesting to see that the figure comes with 11 arrows but 16 arrowheads, as that’s definitely more detail in Hawkeye’s equipment than I was actually expecting the film to go into. On top of the expected arrows and quiver, Clint’s going to include 2 bows with one having “articulations”. I’m assuming that means it can simulate the spring-open action of a collapsible bow, like the one being sported in the last trailer, but we’ll have to wait and see. Hawkeye’s estimated to release in July for the relatively low price (for Hot Toys) of $179.99 Hot Toys’ facebook page has already announced that the next figure will be Captain America so it’s possible most of the characters will be announced by the end of the year. [Source: Sideshow Collectibles and Hot Toys’ Facebook]

– Flipbook tribute to Disney’s Nine Old Men coming your way soon via Pete Docter

So while he’s been working The Untitled Pixar Movie that takes you inside the Mind, Pete Docter has a side project about to see release: a boxset of flipbooks featuring line-art versions of scenes animated by the 9 Old Men. Because this is the internet, you’re going to see tons of negativity about how this is ignoring Ub Iwerks and other older animators or how Disney was a power mad jerk or whatever but this is a nice little tribute to a group of really talented animators; I’d like to see a similar set done with scenes by Andreas Deja or Glen Keane if this is a hit. Anyway, you can’t see the subject of every book but you can definitely make out the spaghetti dinner from Lady and the Tramp for the Frank Thomas one and I suspect those are Pluto’s feet for Eric Larson one. Tweedledee’s visible on the corner of the Ward Kimball one and Wolfgang Reitherman, listed under his nickname “Woolie”, seems to have a scene from the Rite of Spring sequence in Fantasia.  Your guess is as good as mine for Mark Davis and Milt Kahl though I’m hoping at least one of these has a scene from Sleeping Beauty. The set’s on preorder at Amazon right now for about $35 which is roughly half off; I usually get one book of film art a year and right now it’s looking like a contest between this and whatever the new Toy Story book by Charles Solomon turns out to be. [Source: Cartoon Brew]

Andreas Deja has a blog and I’m surprised I haven’t heard anyone mention this before now

Speaking of animators, Andreas Deja, animator of characters like Jafar and King Triton, has a blog that covers both some of his own work and that of others from before his time working at Disney. There’s a number of good stories in there, though I admit I wasn’t able to go too deep as my internet connection is being a pain in the ass right now; I recommend checking out the story of his first work on Who framed Roger Rabbit as it gives an interesting perspective on some of the worries traditional animators faced working on a movie with live-action composites that required them to recognizably mimic the characters of past animators. [Source: Deja View]

Man changes the status of Pluto and then gets James Cameron to admit he made a mistake. BALLER.

– Neil deGrasse Tyson points out errors made in Titanic, somehow fails to invoke wrath of the internet as changes result in an older film

Two titans of incredible awesome interacted recently as Neil deGrasse Tyson pointed out a factual fallacy in the stars shown in James Cameron’s Titanic. In the original release, the sky and star formations that Kate Winslet looks up at from her piece of driftwood are inaccurate and Tyson convinced Cameron to change it in a series of exchanges over the years. Besides hearing Cameron call Tyson “snarky”, I get a kick out of this story as the changes to the film were already made in time for the 10th Anniversary Director’s Cut of Titanic. I guess not every movie alteration is worthy of equal outrage though perhaps people were still foaming at the mouth over the Star Wars prequels the way they will be for the next 70 years. [Source: Slash Film]


Prometheus, the most anticipated film of the summer, has a huge writeup in the new issue of Empire magazine. It’s got a number of new details, broken down here, but you can get the whole issue, with it’s 18 pages covering Prometheus, the most anticipated film of the summer, on your iPad. One of the brief details even reveals that THE SPACE JOCKEY is apparently going to be called THE ENGINEER in the course of the film. Neat. [Source: Prometheus News]

– Ghidorah’s revealed at Tamashii Wonderfest, people apparently shocked into silence by $125 estimated price tag

I think a lot of collector’s are really tempted by Bandai’s S.H. MonsterArts Godzilla figures but the $60+ cost is a little daunting. Bandai revealed the next figure after Fire Rodan this weekend at Tamashii Wonderfest: King Ghidorah from the Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah. I have to say it looks incredibly nice, and is imposingly large next to that MechaGodzilla, but the price is really nearing the “outrageous” end of the scale. Buying just Godzilla and Ghidorah at this point is roughly the financial equivalent of a Hot Toys figure, but everyone’s got different priorities. Ghidorah releases in Japan during September so keep an eye out for him by the end of the year. [Source: Poe Ghostal’s Points of Articulation]

– Custom Lego gunship from Nausicaa makes me envious, wonder where they got so many cream colored bricks

It’s always impressive to see a custom Lego kit but Jon Hall diverged from the somewhat typical X-Wings and Batman Begins Tumblers into territory I’ve never seen anyone cover before with his interpretation of the Valley of the Wind Gunship. I have to admire his dedication as the gunship from Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind isn’t the easiest vehicle to translate into various interlocking blocks; it turned out great and the custom minifigures of Nausicaa  and Mito are an incredible touch. [Source: Brothers Brick]

Hey we have enough material on the site for me to not be ashamed not that there’s not enough material on the site! Here’s all the stuff we posted last week, including the last edition of the news:

– Monday News: Mission Failure

– Tuesday: EVA play-by-play #4

– Wednesday: Episode #87

– Thursday: Top 10 John Frusciante Guitars

– Friday: Marvel Legends Hope, Thor, and Steve Rogers review

I’d like to note we finally broke 10,000 hits yesterday; while some less popular sites manage that in a week, most of our traffic has come in the last two months so things have been on the upswing. 60% of our traffic is probably still Google image searches for John Frusciante pictures but I’ll take what I can get.

This is a good place to stop though as I have to watch the Game of Thrones premiere before I go insane from seeing all the 6 billion mashups the internet’s been doing of the cast with other pop culture properties in the 3 weeks leading up to it. Expect a review for the rest of Hasbro’s 1st wave of new Legends by the end of the week, providing I can get my internet to quit fuzzing out. Enjoy the week and remember: just because you can draw a bow tie and a TARDIS doesn’t mean every character needs to be mashed up with Doctor Who.

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