Monday News: Find what’s missing

The spambot commenters are getting smarter every week. I just deleted one that called me “cyncial” and there was one on the Battleship review that really could have been an actual comment had it not had such a suspicious website attached to it.

Besides, I’m not cynical; sure a lot of catty stuff ends up being on here but it’s not nearly at the level of destructive causticness you see on some other places. I talked about how a lot of internet critics actually love movies like Battleship because it lets them be blindly hateful but there’s a second bonus: being a dickhead can actually bring you hits. You don’t have to look far through the internet to find evidence of that. I’m never jerky for the sake of being jerky though and everything on here that seems like a cynical tirade is usually addressing something where people aren’t looking at both edges of an issue. Besides, I’m actually pretty nice on Twitter. Nicer than a lot of other people I see on there anyway…

So time for news, because I care about you guys despite the fact that I’m in Paris right now.

Don’t tell anyone I’m actually a bad guy!

– Marvel’s website finally puts up the first of the Minimates Wave 50 polls

To celebrate 10 years of minimates, Diamond Select is having a fan poll to decide what characters make it into their 50th wave! Marvel’s website kind of lagged with this but now you can vote in the first round until Wednesday the 30th. Right now the choices are variants of the bigger name Marvel characters but the next 3 rounds will feature lesser known heroes and supporting characters, villains, and various army builders week-by-week. Personally, I voted for Danny Ketch Ghost Rider and Iron Man 2020 because we haven’t had a Ghost Rider in a long time and IM 2020 is technically a villain and I’m greedy. I won’t try to push you into picking what I did but I will subtly encourage you not to vote for boring Team X Wolverine by saying this: don’t vote for boring Team X Wolverine. [Source:]

I don’t think anyone realized what an accurate symbol this picture would be for where the show is right now

– Read the pre-approved statements NBC has given the cast of Community to repeat if they’re asked about Dan Harmon in interviews

NBC is employing some strange tactics with the return of Community and that trend continues with a sheet of answers given to the cast, for them to use if they’re asked about Dan Harmon’s surprising exit from the show. They’re not ground-breaking but they do seem to imply that no one from NBC is going to talk about this in-depth while they’re employed there. The idea that moving the show to Friday nights with a half season order really seems to me like they’re trying to make the show so awful that fans will want it cancelled, despite claims that they’re trying to open the show up to a broader audience, but I guess we won’t know until the new season starts. In the meantime, Dan Harmon is benefiting from some excellent free press so we’ll see who comes out on top in the whole NBC debacle. All I can say is if NBC’s looking to save money, they can always put Ken Jeong as a guest character. One that remains pathetic because he’s much funnier that way.  [Source: Bleeding Cool]

– Engineernerd takes a look at one of the coolest 3rd party GI Joe accessories I’ve ever seen

I’ve heard of Marauder Gun Runners in the past but they’ve really stepped up their game with the new modular weapons they’ve put out. Engineernerd picks some of the pieces from the wide assortment available and gives us a peek into how ambitious the 3rd party producers are getting. I’m a long way from these being something I can fool around with but they’re easily the best option to equip some of the missing gear that recent releases, like the dollar store and 30th Anniversary assortments, have been saddled with. [Source: TV and Film toys]

– Poe Ghostal ponders the various 3rd party Transformers products out there

Speaking of 3rd party product, Poe Ghostal has created this handy guide to the different companies that probably got in trouble at Botcon this year. I haven’t bought any 3rd Party Transformers product but I do have to admire how ambitious the different companies are getting. If you told me that the people who made that fancy trailer add-on for Classics Ultra Magnus , better known as TFX-01 City Commander, would be going on to make fully tooled Transformer… Transforming Robots like the one seen above I’d have told you they’d get sued out of existence long ago. Fortunately, my hypothetical past self was wrong and now we’re seeing everything from Arcee to Masterpiece style Seekers to tempt Hasbro’s ire.  [Source: Poe Ghostal’s Points of Articulation]

– Find out about how Pixar almost lost all of Toy Story 2 due to a computing accident

It’s hard to believe a hugely successful operation like Pixar came very close to losing one of their entire movies before it’s release but that’s exactly the story you’re going to hear if you watch the above video. It’s interesting to hear how the company was using Linux systems despite their association with Steve Jobs but I guess that’s what was best for RenderMan at the time. [Source: Deadline]

Try getting at this one, unruly twerps


As we approach the final weeks before the June 8th release of Prometheus, the most anticipated film of the summer, it’s interesting to see how Fox is promoting it across the rest of  the world. Seen above is a display in the tunnels of the Paris Metro, which you can see while you travel on the subway. Pretty creative and it has the bonus of being where the public can’t reach it so people won’t be sticking pens in it or kicking it or any of the other things some of the bigger assholes of the world tend to engage in when they see a display like this. Prometheus, the most anticipated film of the summer, is released in France on May 30th, just a mere 2 days after I post this (the same day the second minimates poll starts!), making it one of the first places it will see release. You can see some other displays from around the world, including a pretty awesome building wide banner from California with a pretty cool tagline, here. Sadly, none of this advertising seems to feature THE SPACE JOCKEY. [Source:]

Alright, I’m done for now because there’s probably something very pressing I have to get back to here, like trying to find an import toy shop that sells Figmas. I don’t know for sure if there is one but it’s not like I don’t have time to look. Which is exactly what you guys should do with the past week of stuff on the blog!

Monday News: *Unable to report without guilt trip*

Tuesday: Lego Monster Fighters Swamp Creature review

Wednesday: Episode #91

Thursday: Hasbro Marvel Legends Thunderball and Piledriver review

Friday: The search for Jaysun’s new favorite band part 7

Don’t eat anything I wouldn’t eat and be here EVERY DAY so I can justify being as paranoid as possible about stuff being posted since I’m not in front of a computer I can do it easily on.

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