Borderlands 2 Review

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Borderlands 2 Review

So you guys out there have heard me talking about this game for quite some time now. The amount of excitement that I have had, at least for the last few weeks could not be contained. There aren’t many game franchises that I keep up with nowadays. However for this one I make an exception. I lost days of my life to my multiple play-throughs of the first game. So needless to say this one had a lot to live up too. After a week and a half of playing, I have been no less than purely amazed. When I look at a game I look at it from a couple of different perspectives: story, graphics, gameplay, and online features.


Borderlands 2 is very much in the same vein as the story of the first one. This one picks up after the first one left off. There is an entire cast of new characters and the old ones are back as non-playable ones as well. They help you through the story as you progress.

There are two character classes that remain the same as before. The Siren, Maya, and the Soldier/Commando Axton. The two new classes are Zero, an assassin, who can go invisible in battle, and a Gunzerker, Salvador, who can duel wield. We also have a brand new villain, after a supposedly new vault buried deep within the core of Pandora. He is Handsome Jack.

Jack proves to be a much more vicious villain than the previous ones you have encountered in the first game. The story is top notch and while captivating still brings out its classic Borderlands humor. The score for story:



Borderlands had a very particular style when it came to its graphics and how the game looked. The cell- shaded design was definitely a stylistic choice but one that worked very well in the game. Borderlands 2, keeps this stylistic choice and definitely improves on its predecessor.

The game have a very amped up look and feel. It definitely feels like a natural progression from the first game. It’s not the most realistic looking game but that is not the point. It looks the way it is supposed to look, and does so very well. Graphics score:



One of the first things you will notice about this sequel is the definite increase in the difficulty level. While the game still progresses with you much like that of the first one, the overall difficulty is noticeably harder than that of the first one. This by no means takes away from the gameplay, in fact I find it to make the play much more enjoyable. Mindlessly tearing through level can be fun, but having a challenge is all the better for me. The main play of the game is feels exactly the same as the first and if you played it you know that is a great thing. You shouldn’t fix what isn’t broken and Gearbox and 2K Games certainly lived up to that saying.


Online Features:

This will be tough one to live up to. The first game and its 4 expansion packs added numerous hours of gameplay to the first game and greatly expanded on an already robust storyline. While we don’t know exactly what the expansions for this game will be we do know one big addition. If you pre-ordered the game you will get a free 5th character and class addition to the game in what we think will be October 16th.

Gaige, The Mechromancer, is the class addition to the game. The Borderlands 2 Premier Club includes all people who pre-ordered the game no matter where they did it. The character/class will be available to purchase as well for $9.99. It’s a welcome value for those of us who did the pre-ordering. The co-op gameplay was one of, if not the best thing about the first game and it even easier to do in this game. As will most things I will reserve full right for review till all the expansions come out but if history is any judge, we will not be disappointed. Online Features Score:



Should you buy it? Yes, and if you haven’t already, make haste to your local place of business and do so immediately. The game is fun, looks great, plays great, and has some of the best replay-ability that I have ever come across. YOU WILL LOVE THIS GAME.


*NOTE: The images meant to accompany this article were devoured by the LolCatz. We will edit this post and make it all pretty soon. Thank you for your consideration. — Michael, Lolcat Wrangler.

*NOTE: Images have been wrangled from Lolcatz. All is well. Those responsible have been sacked. — Michael, Sacker of Louts.

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One Response to “Borderlands 2 Review”
  1. Rickety Cricket says:

    I pre-ordered this game as well. I have to say I look forward to the expansions and plan to purchase the season pass as soon as possible. The review we have here is encouraging, but seems to lack detail. Perhaps someone found themselves trapped in the borderlands? he he Either way cheers to Planned Banter for posting a fun game review!

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